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Trapdoor Tapes Titles (Including January 2018 Batch)


Image of Trapdoor Tapes Titles (Including January 2018 Batch)
  • Image of Trapdoor Tapes Titles (Including January 2018 Batch)
  • Image of Trapdoor Tapes Titles (Including January 2018 Batch)
  • Image of Trapdoor Tapes Titles (Including January 2018 Batch)
  • Image of Trapdoor Tapes Titles (Including January 2018 Batch)

Selection of Titles from Australia's premiere noise label Trapdoor Tapes

Neurasthenia - Psychological Reincarnation
The debut release by Neurasthenia a new band made up of Hiroshi Hasegawa (C.C.C.C., Astro, Mortal Vision, Nord), Luke Holland (Armour Group, Mshing, Word Of Life Church SS) and Thomas Miller (Word Of Life Church SS, Psychward).
Psychological Reincarnation is just under 60 minutes of sheer industrial sonic violence and Harsh bludgeoning analog bursts. While the B side takes you through vile atmospheric industrial style neurosis. Recorded live with no overdubs during Mshing & Psychward's tour of Japan, in 2016. Neurasthenia's first offering is for fans of industrial noise in the old vein.

Reiko A. - Live At Yaneura II
A reissue of the legendary Reiko.A - Live at Yaneura II cassette originally released by Reiko's cult label Nekoisis in 1993 as NE-01. Side A features the appearance of Ikuro Takahashi (Chè-SHIZU, Kousokuya, Fushitsusha) on noise/feedback system. Reiko Azuma is a writer and a performing artist. Born in Tokyo, Japan. She joined Merzbow live unit regularly from 1989 to 1999 performing on electronics and voice and has been on countless releases and tours around the world. With a long spanning career, she has collaborated with many artists since 1983 including Astro, Yasutoshi Yoshida, Masami Akita, Achim Wollscheid, Kiyoshi Mizutani, Tetsuo Furudate, KK Null, Tomo and Tatsuya Yoshida amongst many others. Reiko also plays with Sumihisa Arima in the band Venus In Virgo.

KOP - Repeat Offense
The essential yet extremely obscure Kultur Operating PNS was active throughout the late 1980's and early 1990's K.O.P.'s first release dates back to 1988 although little is known about the artist beyond this. Repeat Offence release consists of unreleased and remixed material. This also marks the first official release since 1993's 'Harsh Funeral Rites (1987~1993)' CD.
Expect to see more from this project on Trapdoor Tapes. First edition of 100 pro-duplicated cassettes with three alternative cover artworks
50 double-sided inlay on white or red j-card with black tapes
30 with red card inlay housed in slip bag
20 with white card inlay housed in slip bag
Program repeats on A and B sides

Browning Mummery - World of Shells
Australian industrial pioneer Browning Mummery's World Of Shells C60. Recorded during a thunderstorm in 2014. World Of Shells is the collaboration between Andrew Lonsdale and Yvan Volochine. Browning Mummery is pioneering Australian experimental/industrial band active since 1983, founded by Andrew Lonsdale. Originally performing & recording as boxmusik (1981-83), with early works released on the Boxmusik label; cassettes were also released by Extreme and Cosmic Conspiracy Productions with recent reissue on Tesco Germany.

Halthan - Live at Obscurex Kontti
Trapdoor Tapes presents this live and filthy document recorded at Finlands premier underground venue Obscurex Kontti by Halthan. In support of Armour Group and Military Position during 2017 European tour.
Live at Obscurex Kontti 130517 offers you Lo-fi, crude, and raw power electronics and industrial-noise. First edition of 100 one-sided C60s with program repeating on both sides copies on pro-duplicated cassettes 50 of those with double-sided inlay on white j-card with black tape and 50 with card inlay and insert on white card with grey tape in slip bag

Armour Group/Isomer - Desire To Fight
Australia's best industrial/ power electronics projects join forces for this split cassette. 30 minutes of new unreleased material from both acts.
Originally released in a special edition for live assaults at United Forces of Industrial Festival in London, April 2017.

Hiroshi Hasegawa - Collapsed Amalgam
Limited first edition of 70 copies Pro duplicated cassettes w/ black shells and double sided xerox sage card inlays

Defektro - Cellnation
First edition pro-duplicated cassette with white card inlay black cassette shells. Legendary Japanoise project.,