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Ratskin Records Titles (Spellling & Big Debbie)


Image of Ratskin Records Titles (Spellling & Big Debbie)
  • Image of Ratskin Records Titles (Spellling & Big Debbie)

"Oakland. Freak Faith Folk. Let the spirit ride. Oakland’s Spellling (Chrystia Cabral) took the Bay Area scene by storm her first two years as a performing artist, with her demo version of "Pantheon Of Me" charting at Bandcamp’s #7 album of 2017. “Pantheon Of Me” demo received glowing reviews from Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes, KQED, and was named one of 2017's top new local artists by the East Bay Express. This November, Ratskin Records is proud to release “Pantheon Of Me” fully remastered for all formats, first on 12" LP, followed by cassette and digital versions. “Pantheon of Me” combines dark freak-folk, neo-soul, industrial, and pop sensibilities into forty-two minutes of haunting, elegant dark vocal forward futuristic electronic music. Cabral recently released a 7’’ single on Sacred Bones Records, but “Pantheon Of Me” is her first full-length album, and we couldn’t be happier to be releasing it with the world on LP/Cassette/Digital this December. "

Big Debbie
"Big Debbie was introduced to—and inspired by—forbidden pop music by a father who doubled as a Soviet navy officer and a media smuggler, and then spent a decade clawing at the limits of punk and noise music in San Francisco before relocating to L.A. and preparing for the vinyl release of the crushing AB RA CA DEB RA full-length. “Mouth Wide Open” starts the album with seething distortion and skullcracking drums—it’s a post-asteroid-impact Mad Max wasteland child of Flipper, Chrome and Suicide. (And this, notes Debbie, is one of the “upbeat” tracks.) “Mouth Wide Open” was recorded live to cassette 4-track, says Debbie, and the song also features Portland’s similarly uncompromising Terror Apart, who’s here to help really push this song into the red."