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Seth Cooke - Weigh the Word
"Alumnus of pretension and post-tension alike, Seth Cooke ventures both further into academia and out of it in one fell swoop. Arrangements almost entirely for "voice" but void of the comfort one might assume that would bring. Disruptive and abberant sound design. "

Andy Ortmann - Paranormal Panorama
"Andy Ortmann of Panicsville fame enters the year 2018 with a visceral document in haunted electronics. Some of the most inventive and acrobatic sound design in the world of modular and granular synthesis. Oscilating between elegiac and ecstatic, Paranormal Panorama is a marathon of tightly arranged mishandlings of sound."

Peter J. Woods - Objects
"Theatrical harsh noise stalwart, Peter J. Woods displays a tightrope of finesse and bravado. Dynamic work ranging from sound art, spoken word and power electronics in a miraculously short span. MIlwaukee's finest."

Blackhandpath - Did It And Got Away With It
"You think the economic situation in the Congo is bad? Wait until you hear about government funded sex abuse in the Korean pop industry. Sell your bong for guns while you still can. The human body is the most effective killing machine ever designed by mother nature and it is unlikely that it is a coincidence that your soul resides in this particular vessel. Is Kim Kardashian a greater global force than juche ideology? You think the economic situation in Greece is bad? Wait until you hear about the working conditions of the peasants who build snowmobiles in the Caucus mountains. Avoid paying child support by converting all your assets to cryptocurrencies (E-mail me and I'll do it for you for 9 percent of gross, 8 percent if converting to Etherium.) Shouts out to the girl on the treadmill in front of me. Wowee!! What's the chemical formulation of fluoride this week? Next chick I see in boot-cut jeans is getting spin kicked in the fucking jaw. How many antique nightstands do you think Jimmy Iovine can buy with the money he's made from releasing compilations of negro spirituals? The primary concern with being a degenerate is that there is always someone who will sink lower. Bring back violence."

Horoscope - Miami Ambient Volume 1
"New York synthesist and Atlantic Ocean connoisseur, Rene J. Nunez-Cabrera brings forth a most subdued and calming document. Nine ambient pieces with little pretense catalog various aspects of Rene’s hometown of Miami."

Facialmess/Stress Orphan
"One of the final documents of long-running Japanese Cut-Up legend FACIALMESS is this politically seething split release with American Power Electronics artist STRESS ORPHAN. Two men a world apart and at very different moments in their careers present ethically parallel documents that stand at the height of their respective sounds. After a year of of silence following the 2016 full length Mass Casualty Event, STRESS ORPHAN returns with a brutal slab of Power Electronics centered around America’s insurrectionist history entitled Labor. Meanwhile FACIALMESS as a moniker is being hung up as Kenny Sanderson moves on towards a new project as LIKE WEEDS, and with it this collapsed lung of a cut-up piece, Tearing Down A Sick Man sticks a punishing landing. Two of the greatest noise artists in the game giving you exactly what you want."

Tater Fraterabo - BME Pain Olympics Revisited
"Mangled folk and noise vignettes for a generation that learned about body horror at an early age on the world wide web. An open wound chorale if there ever was one. Short and sweet, for fans of outsider art and insider trading."

Thomas Walsh - Mechanics of Deference
"The first full-length artifact of bedroom electronics brought to warm maturation from San Diego’s Thomas Walsh. Cross discipline experimental electronics with a focus on the ambient and cinematic traditions."

Cloning - Limbed Thought Segments
"Eight tracks of electronic splatter, unsteady rhythms, broken harmony, and spoken word. An athletic showing of slurred Berlin School inversions and interpolated vocal performance from White Suns’ Dana Matthiessen."

Carrying Flowers - Solar Violence
"Philadelphia’s Tara Blankenship presents the initial document of a practice bridging gaps between EAI and harsher forms. True Cult string operations taut over a deconstructed membrane of what once could have maybe been called Power Electronics. Adult minimalism meets the scratchy and heaving reality of trying to beat the heat. Sparse electronics recorded in the dead of summer in Nevada."