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Peter J Woods - The Illusory Hope
"While the tape fits securely within Peter J. Woods’ discography, The Illusory Hope continues to strip down the approach taken on recent recordings. Forgoing the usual moments of crushing static and howled vocals, Woods takes a more restrained stance by focusing on extended drones and textural percussive elements, pushing harsher elements into the background. What results are two extended meditations that hold the listener in a solitary place for the duration of each side.Thematically, The Illusory Hope explores the failure of political action within larger social formations. Thinking locally, “The Crusader” takes a symbolic against the common use of transgressive imagery within extreme music circles as a means for thematically challenging an oppressive status quo. Instead, this thematic approach reinscribes those forces that artists hope to challenge and subsequently accomplishes the exact opposite intent. On a more global scale,”Another Form of Feral Leather” addresses the means-ends paradox of neoliberal politics, claiming that any attempt to attain liberation through this political regime can only end in more oppression. Through these two pieces, Woods invites the listener to sit with the problems of the modern social condition, to understand the ways these forces interact, and to better imagine a world that might exist outside."

Church Shuttle - Mind of a Savage
"The summer I heard Mind of a Savage, it was about a year after the tape actually came out (on the A.C.T.I.O.N. label). There was a decision at my old house that we weren’t going to use the air conditioning that summer (admittedly reasonable because the gas was already turned off.) We sat around in our swampy living room and played this tape over and over, drunk, sweating, screeching along to “Savage 4”- the one that goes “listen to my fan spin for me. it’s the only one that adores me.” with that menacing ice-cream-truck-esque xylophone kicking in the background.

Years later, talking to Chris Durham, after he’d moved back to Detroit from Philly; after I held forth for a while about how much I love this tape, he explained the actual context in which he wrote it, a good story that I’m not going to tell you. Maybe he’ll tell you.

The point is, the original run of this tape on A.C.T.I.O.N. was limited to 50 copies, I never had my own copy. So, we reissued it, because its a perfect summer record. (Especially now that summer means swimming in a puddle of your own ass sweat- while looking out your window at a steaming post-industrial hellscape. Summer means adding humidity stink lines over bridges that are one beam away from collapsing, perennially derailing trains, empty neighborhoods, roads pockmarked with giant potholes and flooded city centers filled with floating car husks) This tape feels specifically Detroit but also it feels like it encompasses America in the truest way. (“Buy a baseball, buy a chicken”). "

FFH - Zyklon and Leather
First pressing with trading cards, but due to mix-up with printer, posters never arrived. You know what this is.

Hum of the Druid - "A Strange Export"
"The first new recordings released since "Predatory Outlook," marking the 15th anniversary of the project, this has glimpses of similarly chilling melodic ambient music but runs a much wider spectrum of industrial noise, electro-acoustic, and pure dark experimental spirit committed to analog 4-track with edges exposed, created intuitively and with some kind of unspoken guidance only worth mentioning in vague terms because that's all I have anyway. In March 2018 I was preparing to record this album and remembered a phrase I had come up with earlier, "A Strange Export," and during a walk that evening the rest of the titles came to me in order. During the next week I recorded every night and this was the result, with only minor finalization taking place over the next month. After recording, I found a sketchbook where I had written "A Strange Export" in the previous year or two, then found another old sketchbook where I had written "A Strange Export" on the back close to 5 years earlier. I don't unconsciously write the same thing multiple times so the phrase seems to have had some ongoing significance that only necessitated use in 2018. The inside j-card features a large drawing scaled down also called "A Strange Export" that was created alongside the creation of its audial namesake. This isn't an explanation, just a description, and this album of dark spiritual industrial music speaks for itself."
-Eric Stonefelt 6/13/18

Shea Stevenson - Downcycle
" really hate trying to describe my music..... most of my noise,
especially the cut-up though is strongly influenced by the constantly
changing environments of my childhood. My fathers schizophrenia
manifested in many ways but technophobia was a particular passion.
Every electronic device had a secondary purpose more nefarious than
its stated aim. I *try* to bring out this character with sound like he
would by disassembling them then stack it up as proof but proof of
what? That George Bush was electronically murdering my family? Maybe.
Regardless, this is the sound of childhood summers wintering in
abandoned bus barns situated in parts that will remain undisclosed
within central Alabama."
-Shea Stevenson, 6/2/18

Noise Nomads - Palpable Menace
"Noise without slight of hand."

Gnawed - Ruin
"Over the last decade, Gnawed has released a handful of extremely focused albums that have solidified him as one of the best contemporary death industrial projects. Sourcing field recordings from elaborate urban explorations and incorporating homemade electronics, Gnawed builds an atmosphere that is simultaneously meditative and cathartic. On “Ruin,” Richardson once again proves his work is most effective when presented in the full-length format. Patiently unfolding over the better part of an hour, “Ruin” weaves back and fourth through territory that is both vicious and somber with an impressive sense of restraint. This is by far one of the most fully realized and expertly crafted releases from the project thus far. "

Total Mom - We Fed The Pig My Music
"Total Mom is hyper/abrasive harsh noise from a 16-year-old newcomer on the Providence scene. Don't let the rubbernecking novelty value mislead – this is a potent, varied, and fully-realized release which demands serious listening. "child.jpg" and "Sad Dad" will be among the most damaging screech to cross your deck this year, while the clobbering yet spacious album closer "Forcibly Removed" demonstrates the confidence and maturity of a veteran sound artist. "

Cold Electric Fire - The Alchemist (2CS)
"This stunning collection chronicles the short, reclusive recording life of my favorite NC-based ambient project Cold Electric Fire. The material was recorded between 1998 and 2003, in the side room of a small house in Hillsborough, NC (e.g. the country) The material was done on 4-track. I've still never seen anything like the patience Gary had with this recording technique. He essentially mixed to stand-alone CD-burner and back onto 4-track thousands of times per track, and did so with an obsessive amount of care with regard to the EQ work and how the frequencies sat. Over the years (as you'll hear if you listen to the full collection) his foresight regarding where sounds would sit entered a realm that can without hyperbole be called visionary. Aside from a few embarrassing bits on the first album, this material all resoundingly stands the test of time. I released the first CDr, on my ill-prepared but good-hearted label Sacred Sound, in 2001. The second came out on real CD via Crionic Mind in 2002, and the final material remained unreleased until this collection came together in 2018." - Jason Crumer

Amanda R. Howland - Spider, Milk, Batshit, Silence
"Amanda R. Howland recorded Spider, Milk, Batshit, Silence using all the gear in her living room. The summer sessions were no good, so she recorded again in October and November, always very late at night. The sounds come from the same world as Howland’s fiction and describe the encounters of a woman and her frightening, hypnotic teacher. They sit face-to-face in the hot dusty attic of a bungalow occult shop. The windows are covered with translucent white plastic. Later, the woman searches for her mentor in the basement of the house. The basement is stacked with filthy dented boxes from some long-gone family. The woman finds her teacher in a far corner by a door. They succumb to a circle of golden fascination in the coal room."

Howard Stelzer - A Strange Object Covered With Fur Which Breaks Your Heart
"Instead of songs that reach towards the stratosphere, I wanted to write music that described closed spaces. I wanted to preserve the intimacy of small rooms and whispered, half-awake conversations. Of dissolving dreams and dissipating clouds. I wanted to make music that drew in listeners (allow me my ego-gratifying delusion that these people exist) with subtly melodic lines and rounded textures. The compositions on 'A Strange Object…' are intentionally simpler and more sparse than my usual. The cracks are exposed. All four songs together create a brittle and (to me, anyway) blithely serene atmosphere. They won’t leave anyone exhausted by the end. To me, these are just enjoyable songs. " - Howard Stelzer

Forest Management - Biqui
“1881. Poet and painter Rudolphe Salis invited a bunch of artists, musicians, performers, writers, satirist and intellectuals to his apartment in Montmartre, Paris. This became a weekly ritual with more and more people attending the party until it eventually spread next door. Of course funding such events got expensive, so Salis began selling drinks. What began as a party became a business, what Salis called a cabaret -- a medieval word meaning wine cellar or tavern.”

Fecalove - Anal Lobotomy
Harsh noise with some anal themes, I think. Idk. Definitely has the harsh noise part.

Soaplands - s/t
The dudes from 2 Dead Sluts, 1 Good Fuck switching things up.

Vanessa Rosetto - Fashion Tape
"the clearest vision in modern experimental music. VR gives us another unassailable mixture of gallery schmaltz and diner grit. utter masterpiece by one of america's best, presented without hyperbole" - jason crumer

Apologist - Houston
"The model of punitive justice that my generation has adopted does not suit me. This tape is about me refusing to be angry. Last passover, i was drugged and raped in Houston, Texas. This compelled me to finish recordings i had been working on for over two years. Ethically and ideologically, i believe it is better to use the full weight of your experiences to create, rather than to exact meaningless vengeance."
-rose rae

Lady Shame - Problem Child II
"Problem Child II" is a lonesome yet defiant sophomore release from Lady Shame. It's willfully disorienting, recorded in a time of personal upheaval directly following a cross-country move; it never allows the listener to find footing. There are flashes of clarity where an illusion of a rhythm appears but lasts no longer than a couple of head nods or foot taps before the listener finds themselves back in the implacable fuzz. "

Koufar - My Name Is My Name

Mack's going all out on this one. The delayed, affected vocals make an appearance on some tracks, as do more straightforward, though bloodcurdling screams. The sounds are thick and monstrous, and samples from shows like The Wire and True Detective abound. Intensely personal, Mack's doing power electronics in a way no one else is currently.

Muyassar Kurdi - Traveling

Vocals and experimentation, roving improvisations featuring New York experimentalists Muyassar Kurdi (obviously) and Nicholas Jozwiak. Cello and bass dot the pieces, and Kurdi's phonetic details provide welcome additions. A meditation on movement, change, and perserverence.