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Sunken Cheek - "Humiliation"
Sunken Cheek has carved out a respected place in the noise underground by working harder than most and continually refining a unique approach to sound. The bastard child of scummy American harsh noise and tape-manipulators like Aaron Dilloway or Sewer Election, Sunken Cheek infuses his music with a sense of anxious depression that could only be the product of post-industrial Syracuse, New York. "Humiliation" captures the project at its most aggressive. The creeping dread we've come to expect is here infused with a dose of aggressive scrap metal destruction, building from electronic melancholy to absolute obliteration over the course of two expertly composed tracks. The next level from one of America's finest.

Blind Date - "Open Trap"
The new generation of American harsh noise, Blind Date follows up excellent releases on Angst, Idiopathic, and Dead Gods with "Open Trap," more than thirty minutes of unrelenting and dynamic noise music. Calling to mind the best of the Troniks catalog, these walls of noise shift and morph, blending a monolithic heaviness with an irrepressible sense of movement. Fields of static and feedback occasionally interrupt the onslaught, while shards of white-hot metal lurk at the edges. Blind Date recently toured the US and left audiences in awe; this tape will introduce everyone else to one of noise music's best new artists.

Shredded Nerve - "Final Vision"
"Final Vision" is an emotionally devastating exploration of sound and texture. Shredded Nerve has never sound so raw, so exposed. For nearly an hour Justin Lakes takes the listener through a series of tracks that showcase expert tape-manipulation, cathartic harsh noise, and cold electronics. Each section is so expertly composed that the hour of music almost feels short. This is both expansive and engaging music, and a fitting follow up to recent Shredded Nerve releases on the likes of Chondritic Sound, Total Black, and Monorail Trespassing.

Sissy Spacek - Trash Staging LP
"New Forces is proud to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Sissy Spacek with their latest LP, "Trash Staging." Sissy Spacek have been one of my favorite bands for a long time, with a genre-bending catalog that spans grind, noisecore, collage, tape music, free improvisation, and large ensembles. Throughout, they have injected a frantic intensity into their music that is as addictive as it is unrelenting. "Trash Staging" could not be more perfectly calibrated to what I love most about this band, here consisting of John Wiese and Charlie Mumma. The record takes the "grind" and the "noise" of this project and pushes both to the limit. The A-Side, which plays at 45rpm, unleashes a noisy grindcore assault, the drums blending with the electronics into a massive wall of sound. Feedback, blast beats, and screeching vocals pummel the listener for 5 perfect minutes. This is Sissy Spacek at their most extreme, sure to leave you out of breath. On the B-Side, which plays at 33rpm, the noisy tendencies of this project are taken to their logical conclusion, as they blast the listener with grappling electronics for nearly 20 minutes. Well-deserved comparisons to Pain Jerk and Incapacitants may give you an idea of the sort of noise perfection to be found here. Dynamic and free flowing, this is the sort of noise that can induce a trance-like state at high volumes. For those of you that always want your music louder, faster, and more intense, look no further. This will probably be as close as you're going to get. Your new favorite noise record, and your new favorite grind record, all in one convenient package."

New Forces - Issue # 9
Issue 9 of the zine, this time dedicated entirely to Sissy Spacek! One long interview, and the usual reviews and ephemera.

Skin Graft - Cancerous 4-cassette Box
The little-heard masterpiece from Skin Graft, perhaps the definitive artist to emerge from the sludge of America's Midwest noise underbelly. Originally released in a limited edition by Pizza Night, New Forces is excited to make this box available once more. Over the course of 4 sixty-minute tapes "Cancerous" traverses a broader range of sonic territory than anywhere else in the Skin Graft discography, while still imbuing every second with the unique atmosphere that has often been imitated but never copied. Angry harsh noise, crackling ambiance, industrial clatter, and cold electronic decay are woven together into a bleak indictment of the post-industrial wastelands of middle America. Four hours isn't nearly enough to capture the simmering anger that is Skin Graft, but "Cancerous" is the closest we'll get.

Form Hunter - Form Hunter Cassette
The debut release from Form Hunter, a duo that comprises S. Aune (Breaking the Will, Kjostad) and W. Czerkies (Sunken Cheek, Goddaughter). Everything pushed defiantly into the red, pummeling scrap metal, mangled electronics, blasting tape hiss and shredded eardrums. Grinding you into the dirt, cutting to the bone with a rusty hacksaw, a reminder that noise feels best when it hurts. The first salvo, recorded at Noise Widow farms, for those forever chasing the euphoria only harsh noise can provide.

Wolf Creek - State Of Exception Cassette
The most exciting young noise duo in Japan, Wolf Creek manages to capture the unbridled intensity and fearlessness of the now-legendary groups that made Japanoise famous. Frantic electronics, screaming, harsh blasts of sound... this is a runaway train of noise that grabs you by the skull and pummels for more than twenty minutes. It is almost intimidating to hear an artist this young exercise complete control over some of the most extreme sounds you'll hear. This tape will remind you why you fell in love with noise in the first place. Audio nirvana, pure rock'n'roll.

Juhyo - Thought Reform Cassette
I saw Juhyo at one of the first live noise shows I ever attended. They set up two tables in a dark basement, overflowing with bizarre contraptions and seemingly home-built electronics, and proceeded to completely captivate me for nearly 30 minutes. I've been hooked ever since, and I'm happy to be releasing "Thought Reform," the latest in a catalog that prioritizes quality over quantity. Eluding easy genre categorization, Juhyo conjures dense clouds of noise, sometimes minimal, sometimes crushing. They are one of only a handful of artists that manage to combine the mechanical and the organic with such ease. The music, at different times, can evoke an abandoned factory or the top of a windswept mountain, mixing electronic pulses with washes of freezing noise. The final track might be the most anxiety-ridden piece of music I've heard all year, and is a perfect way to usher in the final months of 2018 as the weather starts to turn cold.