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The first three titles from Greh Holger's new imprint Monastery Fortress

Birthright - Adherence
After years of relative dormancy, Birthright resurfaces with the first full-length offering, "Adherence". Exploring the unwavering support people grant to systems and doctrines that have betrayed them, this collection of ambient power electronics offers both ridicule and empathy for commitment to ideals that acolytes of politic and faith perform in the face of systemic and personal failure. MF-XVII-i. Cassette, 11 tracks, 36 minutes.

Minor Conquest - Year of the Child
Minor Conquest is a new path tread by artist Lee Landey, best known for his work as Oil Thief. "Year Of The Child" is a haunting mini-album of neoclassical nightmare and brooding industrial soundscape. Cinematic and emotional compositions evoking fertile, isolated forests occupied by malevolent forces. MF-XVII-ii. Cassette, 5 songs, 33 minutes. Housed in a four-panel printed A5. Hand-numbered edition of 81 copies.

Burial Hex - Et In Arcadia Ego
Dedicated and prolific composer Clay Ruby offers a sweeping, genre-defying full-length album recorded in the winter and spring of 2017. Addressing matters spiritual from the perspective of the laity, Ruby explores his faith and esoterism through clattering, guttural ambient with a counterpoint of melancholic folk and hypnotic minimalist electronics. A fine and complex work from a stalwart of American industrial.
MF-XVII-iii. Cassette, 11 tracks, 48 minutes. Housed in a printed 6x9" envelope with two postcards. Hand-numbered edition of 77 copies.