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Hospital Productions Records (Merzbow + Geography of Hell)


Image of Hospital Productions Records (Merzbow + Geography of Hell)
  • Image of Hospital Productions Records (Merzbow + Geography of Hell)

Merzbow - Noisembryo
"the holy grail, not only of merzbow’s obsessive discography, but of the entire 90’s noise movement. you’ve heard the stories surrounding the infamy of this release, but beyond that stands the depth and wild energy over two decades later that ‘noisembryo’ encapsulates.> high speed loops, roving automotive bass and cacophonic drum machine gel together with the surprising inclusion of a sound rarely heard within merzbow’s many years...masami akita’s own voice. akita’s surrealism of the past stands prominently relevant to this day. edited and remastered for vinyl by masami akita with a bonus track from the equally as infamous ‘noise forest’, appearing for the first time on vinyl with unseen classic paintings and collages of masami from the original ‘noisembryo’ sessions. packaged in an exquisite gatefold with color vinyl."

Geography of Hell - Hiroshima 1945/Nagasaki 1945
"after a series of cassette only releases detailing the major natural and manmade disasters of the world, geography of hell, a mysterious collective with an international cast of members completes their debut and arguably most immersive work yet - ‘hiroshima 1945/nagasaki 1945’

while their refusal to answer questions or make their identities known, the dedication to familiar subjects presented without explanation makes this band and their debut live performance in nyc last fall (as one of the highlights of the hospital 20 years festival). members were concealed behind bizarre homemade masks while frantic and mesmerizing multi screen videos played of drawings and footage pre and post atomic attacks on japan. this tragic and controversial moment is explored on two lps ranging from insane martial loops to the most distant rumblings and shore breeze. hailing in reverse order, the intensity and rhythmic sequencing on this lp defies expectations by slowly reducing and eliminating its compositions as the album closes with sub ambience. long anticipated after the collectible and scarce nature of the tape releases, now available on gatefold vinyl is the master work of one of most true contemporary industrial collectives in that it is a group effort with accreditation or compromise."