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Haus Arafna Titles (CD)


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  • Image of Haus Arafna Titles (CD)
  • Image of Haus Arafna Titles (CD)
  • Image of Haus Arafna Titles (CD)

Blut (Trilogie Des Blutes)
Beloved for its rugged charm and its extraordinary harshness, the first Haus Arafna album has been an industrial classic for some considerable time. Since 1995 the original limited edition could only be obtained at horrendous collectors prices, and ran the risk like many other Galakthorrö presentations, of falling foul of the Bootleggers (Help! The russians are coming!) and now in 2006 it has finally been re-issued:
Digitally re-mastered plus three brilliant extra bonus tracks. The new edition is rounded off visually by a 24 page booklet containing numerous black and white photoplates illustrating the bloody subject matter.

Children of God
Carrying the Question of Good and Evil in the luggage, take a journey through the morass of the blackest Abyss of the human soul. Includes the Mega-hit "Last Dream of Jesus", and as intro the most weird scream ever to have been pressed to disc.
:: CD in jewel case, 12-page booklet incl. all lyrics

Haus Arafna's third album is a fiery, darkly aggressive mix of vocal, analogue-electronic, steel and well-structured noise. Catchy or cumbersome according to how you look at them. This crossover between power-electronics brutality, wave-minimality, and the industrialist's love of experimentation, has merged to create a new dark-music form of expression. It should be referred to as "Angst-Pop", because that best describes the end-result. Although the music shows no evidence of the continuously open structures of industrial, the listener doesn't lose out on the energetic and rudimentary electronic character of the sound that makes industrial so listenable. A LoFi sound experience awaits the listener, which is far removed from the intrinsic monotony and tristesse of purely computer-generated emulation-electronics.
:: CD in jewel case, 16-page booklet incl. all lyrics

"You" is an album of contrasts and leads the listener along carefully selected levels of suspense through the full gamut of the Arafna-esque art of sound creation. The spectrum extends from dark jewels which permeate nerve and brain, to great boulders which avalanche their way through the intestines. A peculiar hybrid of various Industrial Music styles forming a malicious monster, remarkable for its changeability and the unexpected. Difficult to control, cunningly applied analogue electronics meet sawing Angst-synthesizer ensembles ingeniously accompanying scream, -speech, -distortion vocals to the beat of noise and steel. That has proved itself, but today’s music from Haus Arafna is generally more advanced, more to the point. All probably created just for "You".
:: CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet.

New York Rhapsody
This is no typical Haus Arafna album. It has already celebrated its premiere in September 2009 as part of the New York Fashion Week. Haus Arafna had accepted the offer to create the soundtrack for a show featuring the fashion designer Katie Gallagher. Somewhat of an unusual venture into a new environment, and in front of a new audience, this was obviously an exciting challenge for creative artistes, and for “Industrialists”, considering the extreme style of expression, a very pleasurable experience. The emphasis laid on the various elements on this album is different to that of the earlier releases. That is why Haus Arafna has preferred to delay the issue of “New York Rhapsody” until after the release of the “official” album “You”. Angst-Synthesizer, raw electricity, metal percussion, artfully reduced electronic textures and unusual vocal performances combine into a “sound from the Abyss” with deep ritual undertones. No sign of “Screams’n’Shouts” here. Instead Haus Arafna has created Angst-Pop hits and Industrial Monsters with an extra dose of darkness, almost as if the March into Destruction has to be sweetened somewhat. Well-dressed, of course...
:: CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet incl. all lyrics

All of those sought after highly prized Haus Arafna vinyl singles on one CD:
"Sex U Mas"
"Take One Get Two"
"The Last Dream Of Jesus"
"Für immer"
For everyone interested in the history and development of Haus Arafna's, for those who would like to reminisce, for those who were born too late and demand justice, for all ruthless capitalists whose bootlegs are now worthless, because here are all 13 titles from the original master tapes in unsurpassed newly-laundered digital quality true to the source and authentic. From the wild and noisy beginnings, to the darkly aggressive Angst Pop of today. Background info on the out-of-print recordings, and fine photos of the noise-duo.

:: CD in jewel case, 16 page booklet