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American Damage

Chrysanthemum - Ad Astra


Image of Chrysanthemum - Ad Astra

Dark ambient, experimental, sampled tunes from Chrysanthemum - Chicago's Kobe Dupree and Seattle's Jack Thompson

The year is 2084. Humanity has been wiped out in a global nuclear war that ravaged and devastated all life on the planet. The AI powered by DeepMind computing foresaw this in the early stages of the war through calculations of its impact that the war-angry humans ignored. AI begins sending machines into space to build stations away from earth and away from human space installations that are now unoccupied/dead zones. Freely drifting and orbiting, one DeepMind computer initially programmed to preserve human life initiates a mission to send one super-strong, super-intelligent machine back to earth to look for life and harvest data on the dead planet for future resource/possibly resource harvesting.