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Ascetic House NYC Titles


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Alleypisser - Afsluttet
"For his final statement as Alleypisser, Mikkel Rørbo takes acoustic sounds derived from found objects and weaves them through hollow sounding, minimal, hiss-laden tape manipulation & crude synthesizer work across nearly 40 minutes of tape. As a reflection on the final Alleypisser performance in the summer of 2016 in NYC, these pieces were excavated from the last era of recording activity of the project.
The nail in the coffin.

Christian Mirande - Scaled Deposits
"Sound artist Christian Mirande returns with an expansive 90 minutes of new material recorded between 2014-2017 in Pennsylvania and South Korea. Mirande has always utilized field recordings, tape manipulation, & re-synthesis to attempt to pull the listener in close to his environment. 'Scaled Deposits' does this and more - the albums long run-time induces a voyeuristic, almost trance-like experience. Patience is the true reward. This is Mirande's finest work to date.
'Scaled Deposits' follows releases on Hanson, Glistening Examples, and No Rent Records."

Jason Kudo - View From Outside
"Jason Kudo (1/2 of Ora Iso) presents four pieces for guitar, piano, feedback, and tape. Strangled melodies fight their way through hiss and feedback to produce an overwhelming feeling of malaise across 20 minutes of tape.
A very much welcomed work from the reclusive artist.
'These pieces seek to acknowledge the void inside all of us. A tribute born from nothingness. Dedicated to the abyss and all those whom it might consume' - Jason Kudo"

Ligature - Disappearing Act
"A birds eye view into the endless white void room.
Music for missing persons.

Recorded during the final days of 2017 in New York City."