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Soaplands - s/t
The dudes from 2 Dead Sluts, 1 Good Fuck switching things up.

Vanessa Rosetto - Fashion Tape
"the clearest vision in modern experimental music. VR gives us another unassailable mixture of gallery schmaltz and diner grit. utter masterpiece by one of america's best, presented without hyperbole" - jason crumer

Apologist - Houston
"The model of punitive justice that my generation has adopted does not suit me. This tape is about me refusing to be angry. Last passover, i was drugged and raped in Houston, Texas. This compelled me to finish recordings i had been working on for over two years. Ethically and ideologically, i believe it is better to use the full weight of your experiences to create, rather than to exact meaningless vengeance."
-rose rae

Lady Shame - Problem Child II
"Problem Child II" is a lonesome yet defiant sophomore release from Lady Shame. It's willfully disorienting, recorded in a time of personal upheaval directly following a cross-country move; it never allows the listener to find footing. There are flashes of clarity where an illusion of a rhythm appears but lasts no longer than a couple of head nods or foot taps before the listener finds themselves back in the implacable fuzz. "

Koufar - My Name Is My Name

Mack's going all out on this one. The delayed, affected vocals make an appearance on some tracks, as do more straightforward, though bloodcurdling screams. The sounds are thick and monstrous, and samples from shows like The Wire and True Detective abound. Intensely personal, Mack's doing power electronics in a way no one else is currently.

Buck Young - Proud Trash Sound

Crumer's trying something specifically American for this noise release. Totally weird, and at times even countrified. Zoe Burke, Christian Mirande, and more make appearances in this. Sure to be a noise classic soon, Post Trash Sound is jarring and deconstructed, and somehow both abrasive and familiar.

Muyassar Kurdi - Traveling

Vocals and experimentation, roving improvisations featuring New York experimentalists Muyassar Kurdi (obviously) and Nicholas Jozwiak. Cello and bass dot the pieces, and Kurdi's phonetic details provide welcome additions. A meditation on movement, change, and perserverence.