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Autumn Casey - This Is No Dream


Image of Autumn Casey - This Is No Dream

Musician/artist Autumn Casey's debut solo outing, featuring haunting, minimal piano compositions and fields recordings. Some words from her:

“This Is No Dream takes its title from a line in Rosemary’s Baby during the scene Mia Farrow realizes that getting impregnated by the devil was really happening. That screamed phrase always resonated. It’s easy to be deep in a situation before noticing what is happening. This tape is my first experiment in crafting a long solo audio composition, which was also an automatic experience. I did not overthink the process; instead, letting the piece take me on a ride. I approached this tape the way I approach sculpture, which is intuition over time. I had an arsenal of field recordings from the past year during my transition from Miami to Philadelphia that I was able to weave in and around the piano. That was the base. The field recordings were from physical experiments with objects in my art studio, sounds at work, my mother, and the world outside - anything from daily life that made me pause. The final result is a long dream-like sound collage with many layers that hopefully produce an emotive response. Whenever I create, I try to keep it honest and the catharsis follows. I hope the listener has a similar experience.”